Brokenness to Abundance

Official Launch - Journey to Victory

08/10/2016 11:06
 Journey to Victory -Trusting God for Deliverance by Daphne Renee Stephens This story of faith, hope and deliverance started many years before I actually decided to become a college student.  Journey to Victory is my story of a being a first year college student trusting in God...

Journey to Victory - Official Book Release

07/20/2016 10:59
Blessings Friends: The release of Journey to Victory has been fulfilled. Come and journey with me through my first year of college as God carries me through a life threatening case of a year long struggle with fibroids.  Experience God’s mercy and grace on my life and see how he can do the...

New Ministry Feeding Program in Apopka, Fl.

10/12/2015 15:02
Check out the newest ministry program in Apopka, Florida dedicated to helping those less fortunate.   Brokenness to Abundance -