Lydia of Thyatira: An Evangelist and Kingdom Financier

06/09/2008 10:16

This week's guest is Jill St. James.  Jill St. James is a native Chicagoan, currently residing in the Las Vegas area with her son. The former Ebony fashion Fair model has enjoyed successful careers in the fashion and airline industries.

Jill shares the Good News of Jesus Christ through her book ministry . Her current book titled "God's Love" depicts a journey through the amazing life of award winning Gospel singer, Jordan Alexander.  You can read more at

 Below is Jill's inspiration on Lydia of Thyatira.


As a prosperous business woman who worshiped the Lord, Lydia dyed cloth and traveled to Philippi to sell her goods. Paul was teaching the Good News there because the Spirit of God forbade him to preach in Asia.

Upon hearing Paul preach, Lydia's heart was open to receive the Word. She, along with her entire household were baptized and welcomed the apostles into her home, which immediately became their church.

Lydia is known as the first European convert, and took the message of Jesus back to her hometown city in Asia...the very city Paul was forbidden to go!

Because of Lydia's open heart and obedience, she helped spread the Gospel of our Savior in a region that didn't know of Him.

This is a great lesson to us, to always be available to follow the LORD's will. Great things can happen when we trust and obey His voice. He places us exactly where we need to be, when we need to be there. It's up to us to be aware of our surroundings and the opportunities available to advance the message and love of Jesus where ever we are.

Be a blessing!