The Organizer Goes On Tour

05/14/2008 18:24


Alyssa Avant is our guest this month and she is currently hosting the Organizer on Tour. Alyssa is a Christian author and speaker, blogger, podcaster and ghostwriter. Her passion is helping others, specifically teen and tween girls and their moms.

Organized Life by Designis her newest venture to help Christian women through one of her other great loves, organizing!

Her philosophy for organization is ""Applying practical knowledge and Godly principles to life.”

To kick off her new ministry and site the right way, Alyssa, the Organizer on Tour, wants to be of service to you! That’s what it is all about so she is going on tour, a blog tour that is.

Members of her social network were asked to submit two or three questions and each day a member's questions with answers would be posted on their site as well as the Organized Life by design site,

If you work from home these tips may help to organize your space and make life a bit easier. Take note of the questions I submitted about organizing your shared home office space.

Scenario/Question #1

We are renting a home and when we originally moved in we were suppose to have two rooms as work places. Currently my husband and I are trying to make one room serve for the both of us. It is a 11' x 11' room with one bifold closet approximately 11' long. The closet is being used to house my business supplies. We have studio equipment along one wall and the computer and bookcases along the other wall spaces minus windows and door space. We can't work in this space at the same time and projects and/or work has to be put away when we leave the space. Needless to say this is not working.

Any storage solutions for a temporary office/studio? [Alyssa Avant] Without seeing the space Daphne I would suggest wall shelving to store any equipment that you need to get your hands on quickly but need to get up and out of your way.

Scenario/Question #2

The grandkids are spending considerable time at our house. They are growing rapidly and so are their toys, books, etc.   Any suggestions for a piece of furniture to store their STUFF that will fit in a Family Room environment?
[Alyssa Avant] Yes, My best suggestion would be an ottoman or table that has the option of storage either in drawers or by taking the top off. This stylish   Storage Ottoman - Faux Leather">Storage Ottoman is an example.

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