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Christian Book Distributors Sale - While Supplies Last

10/14/2016 13:47

Official Launch - Journey to Victory

08/10/2016 11:06
 Journey to Victory -Trusting God for Deliverance by Daphne Renee Stephens This story of faith, hope and deliverance started many years before I actually decided to become a college student.  Journey to Victory is my story of a being a first year college student trusting in God...

Dorcas - Favored By Her Giving

07/20/2016 10:59
In the book of Acts - chapter 10 we learn about a woman named Dorcas ("Tabitha"). Dorcas was an ordinary woman who truly believed in God. She spent her life constantly doing things for others especially giving to the poor. There came a time when Dorcas became ill and she passed away. As is...

Journey to Victory - Official Book Release

07/20/2016 10:59
Blessings Friends: The release of Journey to Victory has been fulfilled. Come and journey with me through my first year of college as God carries me through a life threatening case of a year long struggle with fibroids.  Experience God’s mercy and grace on my life and see how he can do the...

Ruth - Blessed By Her Obedience

06/28/2016 10:41
The book of Ruth teaches us about a woman's obedience and how her dedication led to her many blessings. In the days of Ruth judges ruled in Israel. There was no democratic society, no presidents, congressman, governors or the like. The judges' decision was law. A man by the name of Elimelech who...

Deborah & Barak (She Leads Them Back to God )

06/17/2016 12:07
In the Old Testament the Book of Judges - Chapter 4 we learned about Deborah.  She was a judge and prophetess and the wife of Lapidoth. For twenty years, Jabin - the king of Hazor and his commander in chief Sisera made life unbearable for the Israelites.  After their spirits were broken...

Journey to Victory - Preorder Special

06/12/2016 02:31

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06/12/2016 01:50
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New Ministry Feeding Program in Apopka, Fl.

10/12/2015 15:02
Check out the newest ministry program in Apopka, Florida dedicated to helping those less fortunate.   Brokenness to Abundance -

Deeper - "The Deeper Project" by Dr. Naima Johnson-Bush

01/28/2014 09:40
*Deeper - Excerpt* I gotta go deeper, deeper in your heart I gotta go deeper till I'm hidden in the holy place.  I gotta get closer so I can see your face.  I gotta get closer till I'm drifting in the flow of grace.   Dr. Naima Johnston-Bush is an accomplished Christian...
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